Israel & Palestinian territories

Are you searching for a travel blog in Israel to plan a trip to visit Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, take a dip in the Dead Sea or explore the many holy and historical places of the country?

In this section, I provide you with plenty of advice to help you travel to Israel with peace of mind and also visit the Palestinian territories if you wish.

Why visit Israel?

Israel is an incredibly rich country in culture and history. As the birthplace of major religions, there are many cities you may have heard of before, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, Tiberias, and Hebron.

Of course, Israel is also at the center of certain geopolitical tensions, and it is difficult to talk about it without evoking strong reactions when mentioning Palestine, the Occupied Territories, West Bank, Judea and Samaria, or any name given to these regions. However, traveling to Israel gives you a great sense of security.

Visiting Israel means discovering various places of interest such as fascinating museums, awe-inspiring landscapes ranging from the Judean desert to the Dead Sea, the terraced gardens of Haifa, the lively streets of Acre, and the great beaches of Tel Aviv. There are also places of memory, such as Yad Vashem, which commemorates the Holocaust.

This blog aims to show you what you can discover in Israel and help you create your itinerary.

What can you find on this travel blog about Israel?

The blog provides you with tips for visiting Israel, including good addresses, places of interest, safety, all illustrated by many photos from my own stay in Israel.

I also provide articles about Palestine because I took the opportunity of my trip to Israel to visit some cities in the West Bank that are an integral part of the history of this land.

So, if you dream of traveling to Israel, I hope that these articles will make you want to book a unique trip!

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