Salut Bye Bye, a travel blog designed for you

Detailed articles with plenty of advice to help you decide where to go, where to stay and what to do there. For many people, it's hard to create a travel itinerary and to sort through all the information you find on the internet. This travel blog is here to help!
A variety of destinations: this travel blog talks about France since this is my home country... but also about other places: London and the rest of the United Kingdom, Portugal, Israel, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, you will find plenty of ideas, mainly in Europe, to go on a weekend or plan your next holiday.
A travel blog with pictures - Travel photos already help to make you dream before you even leave. I share a number of photos in my posts, most of them from my own travels.
Genuine opinions - A travel blog is there to tell you frankly what is worth visiting and to help you decide if a place is right for you... or not!
Many good spots - Good restaurants, best hotels, souvenirs to bring back from holidays, this travel blog compiles all my best spots and findings for each destination. I update them regularly to make sure they still have a good reputation!

Salut Bye Bye, travel blog

Welcome to my travel blog! My name is Marlene, I'm 37 and I created Salut Bye Bye in 2014 in French, before starting to translate it into English in 2022. A couple of years after opening the blog, in 2023, this travel blog continues to offer ideas and suggestions for visits to make and travel tips to plan your next break.

Travel blog in France and abroad

Travelling doesn't have to mean going far away... and here you'll find travel suggestions in several countries that may be close to your home.

Being very curious, I don't limit myself to popular destinations (London, Lisbon, etc) even though I talk about them! I also visit more unexpected and often less "mainstream" places (like Nuremberg in Germany, Israel, La Gomera).

I particularly like to discover the heritage, the monuments and their history. I also love to see the world from above: in all the places I visit, I tend to look for the best places to get a good view: bell towers, towers, helicopters, roof terraces...

A solo travel blog

As you'll notice by reading this travel blog, I often travel on my one. Travelling solo as a woman often raises questions and through this blog, I hope to show you that it is quite possible even if you don't have an adventurous personality to begin with!

Travelling alone is often a different experience from travelling with friends, as a couple or as a family (and one doesn't prevent the other). You are necessarily more in tune with your own desires, you let yourself be guided by your own curiosity and travelling solo often facilitates meetings with the locals.

Anyway welcome here, I hope the travel blog brings you the information you need to plan your next weekend or holiday.

Please also note that I am not a travel agency and offer all these articles on a voluntary basis. If you want to support this work, you can order your travel guides or book your hotels and excursions through the blog when I recommend certain activities or places. In some cases, I will receive a small commission on your purchases (and you will not pay more on your side!).

Marlène Viancin

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