About Salut Bye Bye

Are you itching to go on a trip? You’ve come to the right place!

We all have those moments when we feel like packing our bags, jumping on a train, a plane, a rocket, anything for a change of scenery… It can be a weekend in a beautiful capital city, a road-trip to the ends of the earth, or simply the desire to explore your own city!

This blog is here to help you say “bye bye” to your daily life during a trip, whether it’s short, long, far or close to home!

On our itinerary

On Salut bye bye, I share with you lots of tips, photos and practical information about the places I discover. First, to make you travel a bit in front of your screen if you’re looking for ideas for weekends or holiday destinations… Then, to help you take the step of discovering these destinations with your own eyes. And finally, to save you from having to trawl through countless sites before you find the information you need.

Among people who visit this blog, some of you might be about to travel for the first time, with a lot of questions and sometimes fears. If I can give you a helping hand to dare, it will make me the happiest lady on earth :)

On the blog, I have already mentioned many destinations, you can check the list on the homepage of the travel blog!

Marlène Viancin - Lisbon
Traveling in Lisbon – Photo © Prasad Siva

What kind of travel can you find on Salut bye bye?

  • I usually visit monuments, cities full of history, museums and unusual places. I’m less interested in “beach and farniente” holidays, even if I’ll be happy to share with you some good tips to relax while travelling ;)
  • I travel solo quite often, I explain here why travelling alone is sometimes a good idea! Of course, if there is an activity that seems interesting for families, couples or groups of friends, I don’t hesitate to mention it in the articles.
  • I often give you on this travel blog a few snippets of history about the places I visit because it often allows you to pay attention to details that you might not have noticed… or to understand some oddities that, in reality, are not really there! Nevertheless, I’m not a fan of “long lists of dates” so I try not to bore you with endless historical chronologies ;) I prefer anecdotes, the really striking facts that allow you to better appreciate the visit of a place.

Your pilot in the aircraft

Behind Salut bye bye is me, Marlene! I’ve been writing travel articles since 2014, opening this blog in French first before deciding to translate it in English. “Salut bye bye” owes its name to this French-English phrase I often have in mind when I’m going somewhere. It’s that cheeky pleasure of escaping monotony, the exciting prospect of discovering new places, meeting new people…

I live near Paris, in France, and have moved around twenty times so far (yes, that’s a lot!), living all over the country from the west to the French Riviera, not to mention the north and the Paris region.

In 2011, I fell in love with an Englishman… at a time when I hated England. Why such hate? Huh, bad memories from a particularly awful school trip that left me with terrible clichés about the country! My English boyfriend introduced me to his culture and tried to show me the beautiful side of his country. Result: I can sing God Save The Queen like a proper British citizen, I feel as much at home there as in France and of course, I talk about it a lot on the blog ;)

As far as travel is concerned, I’m very open to discoveries, whether it’s around the corner or much further away. I’m the kind of traveller who is exhausting for those around her, capable of walking dozens of kilometres a day to see as much as possible!

Portrait in Sevilla, Spain
Portrait in Sevilla, Spain

Photos on Salut Bye Bye

Taking photos is part of the pleasure of travelling for me! I love the idea of being able to instantly associate a photo with emotions, a mood, loved ones… even years later.

The photos on the blog were first taken with a Canon EOS 600D camera and an 18-135 lens… and from autumn 2017, with a Canon 6D Mark II and a 24-105 lens most of the time.

I also use my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S21) when discretion is required or whenever I need a more portable camera!

Apart from that, I rarely part with my all-terrain tripod, the Joby lightweight Gorillapod. It’s flexible and can easily be attached to an irregular surface (a tree branch, a railing). It is also very light… and very discreet. So it can be carried in a handbag/backpack and it allows you to take photos in places where you would not be allowed to use a tripod.

La Gomera


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I hope you enjoy visiting the blog and that you get some ideas for your future travels!

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