Where to stay in Tel Aviv: best neighborhoods & hotels

Are you wondering where to stay in Tel Aviv during your trip to Israel? In this article, I’ll show you the best areas to stay in this beautiful seaside city, as well as provide suggestions for hotels and other accommodations.

Why stay in Tel Aviv?

Staying in Tel Aviv while visiting Israel offers several advantages: the city is modern and dynamic, with a more secular and laid-back atmosphere than in Jerusalem; it is considered safe; and it is well connected by transportation and ideally situated for exploring Israel.

Ben Gurion International Airport, a train station allowing easy access to other places of interest like Jerusalem in less than an hour, and a dense bus network are all available.

Tel Aviv is also known for its vibrant nightlife, museums, beaches, beautiful historical district of Jaffa, architecture, art, and street art, all of which make it an ideal place to stay!

Neve Tzedek street in Tel Aviv

Tips for choosing a hotel in Tel Aviv

As a general rule, you will quickly realize that accommodations in Israel are very expensive, with rates similar to those in capitals such as Paris, France or London, UK. In this guide, I will suggest both hotels and quality hostels, where you can find double rooms at a more affordable average price if you have a small budget.

Be sure to check that the rooms are air-conditioned, as temperatures can be high in the country.

If the price of the hotel’s breakfast seems very high, don’t hesitate to book the room without breakfast and go out to eat in the morning. There are many great places to enjoy a gourmet breakfast or brunch!

Also, if you require kosher meals, be aware that it is not always guaranteed that hotels in Tel Aviv will have kosher restaurants. Make sure to check, or assume that you will be eating elsewhere – there is no shortage of restaurants!

You can find many activity and excursion ideas in Tel Aviv to discover all of the major places of interest in Israel.

Art on a downtown door
Art on a downtown door

Where to stay in Tel Aviv?

There are several neighborhoods in the center of the city that are suitable for you, depending on your expectations: Jaffa, for those who love heritage and old architecture; Florentine, for those who want a trendy neighborhood that’s bustling with activity; Neve Tzedek, for those who want a central neighborhood that’s rich in art and convenient; Lev Ha’ir, for those looking to party; and the seaside (Tayalet) to enjoy the beaches and sunsets.

Sunsets in Tel Aviv

Where to stay in Jaffa?

The Jaffa neighborhood is located in the south of Tel Aviv. It’s a charming neighborhood, where you can stroll through small cobblestone streets with a historic atmosphere, walk along the port, enjoy the magnificent view from Abrasha Park with its “bridge of wishes” where you can make a wish, and admire the lighthouse and the Clock Tower. You can also listen to street musicians while watching the surfers enjoying the waves.

You can also visit the flea market, where stores, cafes, and bars blend in to create an atmosphere that combines history and the good life!

Unsurprisingly, Jaffa is one of the most expensive areas to stay in Tel Aviv, but it’s an excellent choice, and you can find accommodation at an acceptable average rate.

In my opinion, some of the best hotels in Jaffa are:

  • The King Gallery Boutique Hotel – A stone’s throw from the iconic Clock Tower, 3 minutes from the beach, it offers tastefully decorated rooms and a beautiful rooftop terrace to sit in peace at the end of the day or enjoy the sun.
  • The Margosa Boutique Hotel – An ideal location a few minutes walk from the old town and less than 10 minutes from the beach, large rooms from 215 to 376 square feet with a balcony, quality welcome, and a terrace. Plus, it has a convenient parking lot if you rent a car!
  • The Setai – Probably the best hotel in Jaffa with bright rooms, elegant decor, a splendid rooftop infinity pool, and an ideal location for walking to the beach.
  • The Market House – Right next to the flea market, a very welcoming and clean hotel close to the beach. The only drawback is that it is difficult to access if you come by car.

If you want to stay in Jaffa on a tighter budget, check out the Jaffa Garden. It is well located, offers rooms with a terrace and sometimes offers prices from 100€ per night if you book in advance, which is rare in this area.

Often even cheaper and with nice rooms with stone walls, the hostel PoliHosts Old Jaffa less than 10 minutes walk from the sea. There are both dormitories and double rooms, something to suit all budgets!

Le quartier de Jaffa

Where to stay in Florentin?

Florentin is a former impoverished neighborhood in Tel Aviv that has experienced a real renaissance since the 1990s, attracting young people and artists. It has a bohemian spirit, with many restaurants, street art, and markets.

It is located about a 15-minute walk from the train station, making it an ideal place for travelers without a car. You can easily take the train to Jerusalem, Haifa, Accre, or go to Ben Gurion International Airport.

Where to stay in Florentin? There are not many hotels in the neighborhood yet, but you can find a room at a very competitive price compared to the rest of the city. As a woman who has walked around the area at night, I did not feel any insecurity. You will also be within walking distance of the Nahalat Binyamin market and the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv.

Some good options in the area are:

  • The Florentin House Hostel, a hostel offering both dormitory beds and double rooms with private bathrooms and family rooms. Without a doubt, one of the best accommodations in Florentin for a very reasonable price per night!
  • The Kalvin Hotel, clean and well-located, with a rooftop terrace and private parking (for a fee).
  • The De’ Mar Florentine (4 stars) – It offers spacious rooms, some with a balcony, and a rooftop terrace.
Street art in Florentin
Street art in Florentin

The best hotels in Neve Tzedek

The Neve Tzedek neighborhood stretches south of the city and north of Jaffa. It is a place full of history because when the city began to develop outside the boundaries of the historic center that was Jaffa, this is where people settled first!

You can find beautiful houses here, from Art Nouveau-inspired buildings to Bauhaus-style homes. Today it is a neighborhood known for its art galleries and craft stores.

Here are some good options for accommodations in the area:

  • The Dan Panorama – If you want to face the sea in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, this establishment is a must-see! You can enjoy a room with a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the outdoor pool.
  • Trieste Neve Tzedek Guest House: featuring beautiful decor, exposed stone walls, a private garden, and an ideal location just a few steps from Rothschild Boulevard.

For those on a budget, consider:

  • The Selina Neve Tzedek – A mix of rooms with shared or private bathrooms and dormitory beds for those looking to save some money!
  • O Pods – I should warn you, this is a unique concept! You may have already seen this type of establishment in Japan – it’s a capsule hotel. In other words, you don’t book a room but rather a “cabin” where there is only a bed (you can close the curtains for privacy!). The price of the night is very affordable and there are even capsules with a sea view! If you’re looking for a unique vacation experience, this is definitely worth trying!
A street in Neve Tzedek
A street in Neve Tzedek

Lev Ha’ir: a lively neighborhood

Lev Ha’ir literally means “the heart of the city”. It is a neighborhood for those who enjoy going out, nightlife (most of Tel Aviv’s clubs are here), and shopping. There are lively shopping streets such as Rothschild Boulevard or Sheinkin Street. As a result, it can be noisy, so be sure to check recent reviews before you book!

As far as accommodations are concerned, I recommend looking at:

  • The Fabric Hotel – A nice hotel with a very good restaurant and quality bar, and probably among the best hotels around!
  • The Ink Hotel – A very nice hotel with a rooftop swimming pool, the ultimate luxury when traveling!
  • Hotel Rothschild 22 – Bright, modern, located in a lively area, almost opposite the Hagana museum, and a very good address in the area!
  • Hotel 65 – Located at 65 Rothschild Boulevard, this accommodation offers modern rooms with great city views from high floors. The breakfast is very good.
  • La Bachar House – A high-quality welcome full of little touches, a quality restaurant, a rooftop with deckchairs, and a small pool to cool off.
  • Le Vera – A recent establishment located in the center of town, which allows you to borrow bicycles to go around the city.
  • Lily & Bloom – A clean, well-located hotel (close to Rothschild Boulevard and the beaches, which are a 10-minute walk away) with a quality restaurant.

If you’re on a budget, there are two good options: the Isla Hostel and the Abraham Hostel, both of which offer double rooms as well as hostel-style accommodations.

In addition to its lodging services, Abraham Hostel is a reputable tour operator (operating under the name Abraham Tours), with guided tours departing frequently from the hostel. You can browse all of their guided activities here and book them online in advance.

Lev Ha'ir lively neighborhood
Lev Ha'ir lively neighborhood

Accommodation by the sea: Tayalet

What better way to feel like you’re on vacation than to enjoy a view of the sea! In Tel Aviv, the beaches stretch from the old port (in the north of the city, near Hayarkon Park) to the south: Metzitzim Beach, Hilton Beach, Gordon Beach (with its famous municipal pool, the Gordon Pool), Frishman Beach, Bugrashov Beach, Trumpeldor Beach, Jerusalem Beach, or Aviv Beach, giving you plenty of options.

The “Tayalet” is the long promenade along the waterfront, where you’ll sometimes feel like you’re in the United States between the palm trees, wooden aid stations, and all the amenities!

Beach in Tel Aviv
Beach in Tel Aviv

As you can imagine, hotels that offer a sea view are not the cheapest on the spot! You’ll find the big hotel brands (Crowne Plaza, Sheraton, Carlton, Hilton…).

But which addresses are really worth it on the spot?

  • The Tal By The Beach hotel, as its name indicates, is located right next to the beach, with a magnificent shaded terrace facing the sea.
  • The Embassy Hotel is also facing the sea, with decoration inspired by the 50s.
  • The Shalom Hotel, further north in Tel Aviv, is within easy reach of the Old Port, Hayarkon Park, the Eretz Israel Museum, and the Palmach Museum, all located in the north.

If you’re on a tighter budget, consider the Dizengoff Avenue Boutique Hotel (3 stars) which is located on the street of the same name, a perpendicular to the waterfront. You will be just a 5-minute walk from the beach but without a view of the Mediterranean, which often brings the price down (but not always!).

If it’s still too expensive, take a look at the 180 Boutique Hostel, which offers a mix of dorm beds and private rooms, some with a sea view, at a lower price than the hotels.

I hope this selection helps you find the perfect lodging for a fantastic vacation in Israel!

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